Mobile Activities


Rage buggies as featured on BBC Two’s Top Gear and voted the best off-road vehicle are the best vehicles on the market to get the adrenalin pumping. One of our most popular activities and it is easy to see why.


Lasersport provides the opportunity for everyone to enjoy the thrill and excitement of shotgun shooting in perfect safety without any threat to the environment. Thousands of people play just for fun; others treat it as a serious and competitive sport.


Archery is a skillful sport requiring balance, poise, accuracy, vision, timing, and action – they all combine in a test of nerve find out if you are the new Robin Hood or Maid Marion by taking aim at our NEW Mobile Straw Targets!!!

Selection of Team Building/Problem Solving exercises

With names such as Spiders Web, Toxic Waste, Minefield, Night Line, Inca Pyramid, Four Points of the Compass, Locked Together, Obstacle Course, Barrel Run, and more, each exercise tests different aspects of teamwork and leadership.
The exercises are set at a location of your choice and cater to all levels of fitness. All that is required is loose clothing and casual footwear. Dress for the conditions, that means sun-tan cream when it’s warm and a waterproof coat for the occasional days it might rain.

When and Where

We can bring all the above activities to any country in the United Kingdom! If in doubt, give us a ring and we can discuss your needs!! Our Party Tent can be hired either ‘as is’ or installed on-site. You can use it for Bad Weather days, Evenings, or just as an attractive addition to your setup. If you would like more details on our party tent, why not give us a call? You’ll be surprised at how reasonable our rates are.
Age: 12+.
Group numbers ideally 10+
Designed for all levels of fitness.
Outdoor clothing and footwear are suitable for the weather conditions.

**Bring sun cream for hot weather conditions and jumpers/coats for cold weather.

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