Rage Buggies

Rage buggies as featured on BBC Two’s Top Gear and voted the best off road vehicle are the best vehicles on the market to get the adrenalin pumping. One of our most popular activities and it is easy to see why.
These rage buggies have been specifically designed for speed and with excellent handling you are sure to enjoy your drive.
The rage buggies design allows them to get up to high speeds and the only worry on the corners is that they will slide and the chance of rolling is minimal due to the excellent centre of gravity. Our Rage Buggy Rally Experience provides the ultimate in motorized thrills in Shropshire.
Our instructors will explain the controls of the buggy before letting participants take it in turn for their practice sessions. Scoring can be individual time trails or alternatively you could add a team building/elimination aspect to the activity by having team relays. We have a lot of stag parties who love our Rage Buggies as they do our border quad trekking/paintballing.
We can arrange a rage buggy experience or Motorised team building event at a venue of your choosing. We can also help source a suitable venue for your event as we have a database of venues suitable for Rage buggies and motorised activities.
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